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      Being Happy is Easy 
Go Beyond Positive Psychology, Apply a Simple Technique for Eternal Happiness

Contrary to popular perception, being happy is the ONLY thing that can be under your FULL control.  The author did extensive study and found answers in Spiritual teachings and in modern Psychology.  With his approach you can raise your “happiness set-point”. And you will learn to be happy in any situation.

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Daily Life in Indian Culture 
An Insightful Guide to Customs & Traditions of India

This book helps you overcome the Indian cultural barriers and enjoy your India Travel. You get the best experience of Indian culture, through the character of John. This story of John makes you feel, relate, understand, experience the way Indians live.  Click here to view John’s album

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Teamwork & Indian Culture
A Practical Guide for Working with Indians

This book is about Indian Culture, focusing on workplace behavior. This book acts as a cross-cultural trainer for non-Indians. If you are visiting India for business, it prepares you well to enjoy your trip. This is a good companion book to India Travel Guide.

This Revised edition includes a chapter on “Chalta-hai” attitude of Indians.

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